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Did you know, mov(e)motions can also help you with streaming your meetings to the internet? No matter how many people you want to reach, a video livestream is a good way to spread your content to the world. Not only is it perfect for companies for meetings, conferences or lectures, also schools or churches or anyone who wants to talk to many people at once can benefit from this option.


Our Video show some of the possibilities that you have when streaming video with our support. The best features are:

– Live Video streaming to an unlimited number of guests
– Integration on your website possible and / or
– Parallel streaming possible to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
– Also numerous other streaming services possible
– If necessary, protect the stream by password
– A parallel chat window offers interactivity
– Implementation of own graphics
– Connect the speakers computer to the stream
– Implement any kind of photos, videos, music, presentations and other media content
– Connect to any webcam or smartphone from far away (if applicable, extra software needed)
– The Live Stream is beeing recorded and can be watched and downloaded afterwards


In times of corona we have a special offer for you:
1h Interactive Live Streaming: 349,- € (instead of 449,- €) with 1 person (either cameraman or technical director)
1h Interactive Live Streaming: 798,- € (instead of 898,- €) with 2 persons (cameraman AND technical director)

Included services:
– Travel costs witin 20 km radius from Krefeld City
– Necessary Equipment (camera/s, light, greenscreen (if needed), computer)
– Assembly and disassembly
– Set up of the videostream and delivery to desired chanels

Every additional hour 99,- € for 1 or 198,- € for 2 persons.


If that sounds interesting for you, please contact us at info@movemotions.de or call us at +49 (0)2151 62 22 020. After a small brainstorming we can offer you the best solution that fits best to your needs. We’re happy to hear from you!

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