The right presentation is crucial!

The Showreel developed by mov(e)motions offers the ideal context for a structured presentation of new products with photos and videos, technical data and references.

Clients no longer get to see confused folder structures, but only see what they are supposed to see and in a structure perfectly adapted to their needs.

The showreel is platform-independent and needs no internet connection, and this means that it enables access even to large videos and presentations without annoying download times.

Maurer Rides Showreel


With the Showreel, your sales personnel can easily navigate to the various products, view photo galleries or videos and read presentations or flyers, just like on a website.

The Showreel can be given away to customers as a freebie on a USB stick and it enables access to all content without access to the Internet. It can be used on Windows PCs as well as Macs and is compatible with iPad, Android or Windows tablets. It can also be used directly on large touchscreens for exhibition stands.

Thanks to the clever programming, new content can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively and made directly accessible to all sales personnel worldwide. We would be very happy to give you more information about the other advantages of the Showreel.


Zierer Showreel

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