Why do flume rides only run forwards or backwards on the drop?

Mov(e)motions has developed a side-to-side shot for flume rides, which guides storytelling in this type of attraction into new directions.

You can benefit from our extensive and complex experience over many years in the amusement park sector! We develop new attractions, concepts for theming or even an entire park with and for you.

We always incorporate this and a great deal of other know-how into our concepts. We also work with well-known designers in the amusement park sector. In collaboration with Alexander Korting we have designed an amusement park in South America.

Would you like to have a new concept developed for your park or attraction? Then you have come to the right place. Thanks to our successful partners, we can help you with planning, financing and realization!

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Achterbahn K2

Roller Coaster K2

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