A photo is worth a thousand words!

We know how important good photos are. Be it as a teaser for an advertising campaign in the print or online area or a striking photo from a special perspective that arouses curiosity.

Mov(e)motions founder Christian Ahuis in particular has 17 years of experience as an editor and has worked for magazines such as Euro Amusement Professional.

Good photos are very important for the coverage of a new attraction. They are the eye-catcher for the viewer and make him want to read the article.
Christian Ahuis

That’s why we produce special photo series of new attractions for our clients, which can be used as press material as well as for advertising and social media campaigns.

Photos from mov(e)motions are also used at trade fair stands, in digital showreels and of course in product and company brochures.

You too can benefit from our many years of multi-faceted experience with a range of projects across the world..

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